Organisations that are currently connected to IXLeeds (in alphabetical order):

Name ASN Speed IPv4 1.5k IPv4 9k IPv6 1.5k IPv6 9k
(AQ) Limited Logo
AS33920 1 Gb 2001:7F8:67::8480:1
Akamai Logo
AS20940 10 Gb 2001:7F8:67::51CC:1
Ask4 Logo
AS41230 1 Gb
Bytemark Logo
AS35425 1 Gb 2001:7F8:67::8A61:1
Exa Networks Logo
AS30740 1 Gb 2001:7F8:67::7814:1 2001:7F8:67:9::7814:1
Fluidata Logo
AS39545 1 Gb
IXReach Logo
AS43531 10 Gb
AS786 1 Gb 2001:7F8:67::312:1
Metronet Logo
AS42973 1 Gb 2001:7F8:67::A7DD:1
Phoenix IT Logo
AS8613 1 Gb 2001:7F8:67::21A5:1
Vaioni Group Logo
AS35575 1 Gb
Web Fusion Logo
AS20738 1 Gb
York Data Services Logo
AS43013 1 Gb
Cable and Wireless Logo
AS25310 10 Gb
Allegro Logo
AS12536 10 Gb
Boundless Communications Logo
AS57099 10 Gb

Allocated IP ranges are:
ProtocolMTU SizeIP Address Block
IPv41,500 Bytes91.217.231.0/24
IPv61,500 Bytes2001:7F8:67:0::/64
IPv49,000 Bytes91.234.18.0/24
IPv69,000 Bytes2001:7F8:67:9::/64

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